Jane Clarke - The Al and Lottie Series
 Al is researching new ways to launch his time machine and investigates the science behind balloons, fizzy bottles and marshmallow catapults. What could possibly go wrong? Al is working out how to survive splash down back to Earth, and his water experiment make things very wet for his family and the neighbours.
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Al and his friends get dizzy experimenting on the possible effects of time travel on the human body.  Al wants to find the strongest shape for his time machine capsule, and investigates the strength of eggs. Will anyone crack up? Lottie decides to make a pond in her back garden to encourage local wildlife, but Noah's dad is determined to rid his garden of all forms of wildlife, even ants. Can Lottie save the ants and the multitude of frogs who suddenly appear in Mr. Parfittís yard Some sparrows make a nest in Lottie's garden.  She's determined to look out for the chicks and provide them with a bird bath, and prepare food for the winter. But can Mr Parfitt be persuaded that birds aren't just a nuisance?
Lottie and Al are energetic twins who always seem to be just one step ahead of trouble.  Join them along with their very naughty dog Einstein as they journey from one whimsical situation to another.  These series are illustrated by James Brown and published by Five Quills.
Back to Janeís Books page Lottie and Noah build a bug hotel to encourage insects into her garden. But next door, Mr Parfitt is having trouble with bees. Can she stop him from calling an exterminator? Alís Awesome Science at Five Quills Lottie Loves Nature at Five Quills