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The jungle can be a scary place for a tiny little frog, and all the strange noises are making Felix just a little jumpy.  Will he find a safe place to sleep along with a friend to help him feel secure?  Illustrated by Britta Teckentrup. Grandma is missing.  Has the Big Bad Wolf gobbled her up?  Skype Private Eye will need her bag of detective tricks.  Illustrated by Loretta Schauer. Can Skype track down the mystery owner of the sparkly slipper?  Illustrated by Loretta Schauer. Having a baby brother is great fun right?  Gilbert finds out that a killer whale has other plans!  Illustrated by Charles Fuge. Every night, when their daddies tuck them in, Little Knight dreams of fierce knight-eating dragons . . . and Little Dragon dreams of dangerous dragon-slaying knights.  But one stormy night they make an astonishing discovery.  Illustrated by Jane Massey. An adventurous story of friendship and first school days.  Illustrated by Jane Massey. Tired little lion doesn't want to go to bed . . . how will he ever get to sleep?  Illustrated by Georgie Birkett. Cheeky little monkey wants something to eat . . . how will she fill her rumbly tummy?  Illustrated by Georgie Birkett. Little Croc's been crunching, snip, snap, SNIP!  How will she clean her teeth?  Illustrated by Georgie Birkett. Dirty little dinosaur doesn't want to wash . . . how will he be clean in time for bed?  Illustrated by Georgie Birkett. Old MacDonals's farm comes with all the usual animals, but what he really loves is his huge collection of farm vehicles.  Illustrated by Migy Blanco. It's early morning in the jungle, and little gorilla is not happy.  Someone has woken him up, but whoever could it be?  Illustrated by Charles Fuge. This novelty book is full of fun but yucky flap reveals.  A little boy watches as a hungry anaconda swallows up all sorts of animals which somehow manages to generate plenty of smiles.  Illustrated by Emma Dodd. Little Chick is stuck in the mud and one by one  the farm animals come to his aid.  Illustrated by Garry Parsons. Join in the dino-tastic dancing competition that's Strictly for the 'Saurs!  Illustrated by Lee Wildish. Wilbur's tusk hurts, but he doesn't want to go to the dentist.  A visit to Grandpa persuades him that it just might be a good thing to do.  Illustrated by Cecilia Johansson. Stanley the stork is upset when his parents split up and his father goes to live in a separate nest.  Illustrated by Anne Kennedy. Dare you visit Creaky Castle when the day becomes the night? Dare you find out what's inside? Are you ready for a fright?  Illustrated by Christyan Fox. It's not easy being a little elephant with a BIG temper!  Illustrated by Charles Fuge. Royd thinks his friend Gark has everything - a really cool space pod, an amazing magician from Mars at his birthday party, and no annoying little sister . . . but can Royd keep his Green Eyed Monster under control?  Illustrated by Garry Parsons. Dippy's classmate Spike invites him to a sleepover.  They can stay up late, eat popcorn and watch a scary movie.  But Dippy is worried about wetting the bed.  Illustrated by Mary McQuillan. Ember wants Dad to stop smoking, but giving up isn't easy when you're a dragon, especially when an army of knights is on your trail.  Illustrated by Ben Cort.
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The Gingerbread Boy has run away to train for the Fairytale Olympics.  But is he fast enough to outrun hungry Foxy Loxy?  Sky Private Eye will need to help on this one!  Illustrated by Loretta Schauer. Florence Firefly is lost and there are so many bright lights in the night sky she doesn't know which way to go. Can you help her find her way home?  Illustrated by Britta Teckentrup. Back to Jane’s Books page Coming soon!  Tara is a playful tiger cub.  But does everyone want to be bounce and pounced on just before bed?  Illustrated by Britta Teckentrup. Leon the chameleon is not that good at blending in with his environment.  He's so bright that he keeps all of his chameleon friends awake at night.  Oh, dear!  Illustrated by Britta Teckentrup. Gilbert ignores his mother's warnings, and his game of hide-and-seek goes out of his depth!  Illustrated by Charles Fuge. Gilbert, the great white shark, wakes up one morning to find that his friend Raymond the Remora is gone.  A story about loss that is both funny and sad in equal parts, but with a happy ending!  Illustrated by Charles Fuge.