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Poor Bramble has an upset tummy from riding the Thistletown carnival Ferris wheel.  Can Dr. KittyCat and Peanut save the day? Oh no, Dr. KittyCat's faithful assistant has become ill.  Can Dr. KittyCat help Peanut and keep the clinic free of total chaos?  Thistletown's special birthday picnic has stopped because Nutmeg is not well.  Lucky that Dr. Kitty Cat and Peanut are close by! Back to Jane’s Books page Return to the Home page Thistletown's furry First Aider will put down her knitting and be there in a whisker! While on the camping trip itchy spots appear on Clover's paws.  Dr. KittyCat and Peanut have to act quickly to make the poorly bunny better. Posy the puppy has hurt her leg.  Will Dr. KittyCat and her assistant Peanut be able to help Posy in time for the Paws and Prizes sports day? Pumpkin participates in Dr. KittyCat's first aid class, but can't seem to follow the directions.  Does Pumpkin have trouble with his eyesight?  Dr. KittyCat and Peanut are ready to help! Dr. KittyCat and Peanut are called to the Cupcake Bake.  Can they put a smile back on Daisy's furry face? Willow has collapsed during the dress rehearsal of the talent show.  Peanut needs to check the vaccine records before Dr. KittyCat can give the best treatment. Dr. KittyCat's faithful assistant provides first aid help and keeps notes in the Furry First Aid book.  But now and then Peanut is known to panic! On a bright sunny day Ginger goes for a nature walk and is stung by a bee.  It's Dr. KittyCat and Peanut to the rescue! Logan wants to swim in Thistletown's new pool, but he has injured his tail.  Dr. KittyCat and Peanut appear to be the only ones who can help.
Jane Clarke - Children’s Author
Dr. KittyCat Series Published by Oxford University Press and Scholastic USA Illustrated by Richard Byrne and Mary Claire Cruz