Jane Clarke - Children’s Author
Dinosaur Cove Series . . . Ideas for each book came from Working Partners, Ltd. based in London.  The series is published under the author name Rex Stone.  These are the ones that I’ve written.  Please note that these books are published with different titles and covers in the United States.
Attack of the Lizard King March of the Armoured Beasts Catching the Speedy Thief Rescuing the Plated Lizard Tracking the Gigantic Beast Finding the Deceptive Dinosaur Back to Ghost Writing page Rampage of the Hungry Giants Swarm of the Fanged Lizards Stalking the Fanned Predator Clash of the Monster Crocs Journey to the Ice Age Battle of the Giants
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The Cretaceous Chase Saving the Scaly Beast Snorkelling with the Saw Shark