Jane Clarke - Children’s Author
You’ll find my poems in these anthologies:  
Madonald Young Books: Bradman, T., The Hairy Hamster Hunt, 1999 Oxford University Press: Foster, J., Rhyme Time: Around the Day, 2000 Foster, J., Cockadoodle Moo, 2001 Heapy, R., Kersplish, Kersplosh, Kersplat, 2001 Foster, J., Why do we have to go to school?, 2002 Foster, J., Watch out there’s a ghost about! 2002 Foster, J., My mum's put me on the transfer list, 2002 Foster, J., See you later, Escalator, 2002 Foster, J., The Trying Flapeze, 2004 Foster, J., The Universal Vacuum Cleaner, 2005 Hodder Children’s Books: Bradman, T., Here Come the Heebie Jeebies, 2000 Moses, B., The cowpat-throwing contest, 2000 Bradman, T.,  All Aboard the Toy Train, 2001 Bradman, T.,  Wild and Wonderful, 2002 Cookson, P., The Poetry Store, 2005 Belitha Press Ltd: Corbett, P., The King’s Pyjamas, 2001 Corbett, P., Footprints in the Butter, 2002 Evan Brothers Ltd Fusek Peters,A., The Elements in Poetry - Earth,2007 Bloomsbury: Bradman, T., I wanna be your mate, 1999 Scholastic: Cookson, P.,  Silly Poems, 2005 Cookson, P.,  Dinosaur Poems, 2006 Hands Up Books: Denton, Shavik,Stevens, Shouting at the Ocean, 2009 Schofield & Sims: Warren, C., A Time to Speak and a Time to Listen, 2013
Collins: Foster, J., Dead Funny, 2002 Foster, J., Teasing tongue twisters, 2002 Macmillan Children’s Books: Moses, B., A sea creature ate my teacher, 2000 Moses, B., Hysterical historical Poems: The Tudors,2000 Cookson, P., Superheroes, 2000 Foster, J., Time for a Rhyme: Magnificent Machines, 2000 Moses, B., Time for a rhyme: Wacky wild animals, 2000 Moses, B., Parents: Keep Out! 2001 Moses, B., Aliens stole my underpants 2, 2001 Cookson, P., The evil doctor Mucus Spleen, 2001 Cookson, P., Ha ha! 100 poems to make you laugh, 2001 Moses, B., The School Year, 2001 Cookson, P., Don’t get your knickers in a twist, 2002 Moses, B., Time for a rhyme: Dangerous Dinosaurs, 2002 Cookson, P., What shape is a poem?, 2002 Moses, B. and Cookson, P., The Works 2, 2002 Bolongaro,L., Read Me First, 2003 Bloom, V., One River Many Creeks, 2003 Cookson, P., Disgusting Poems, 2004 Cookson, P., Trick or Treat, 2005 Cookson, P., Read Me Out Loud, 2007 Moses, B., There’s a Hamster in the Fast Lane, 2008 Stevens, R., The Jumble Book, 2009 Morgan, G., Read Me at School, 2009 A&C Black Stevens, R., The Secret Life of Pants, 2006 Stevens, R., Let’s recycle Grandad, 2008 Stevens, R., A Million Brilliant Poems, 2010 Stevens, R., Does Your Face Fit, 2011 Stevens, R., Off By Heart - Poems for You to Remember, 2013 Warren, C.,  The RSPB Anthology of Wildlife Poetry, 2011 David Fulton Publishers Drifte, C. and Jubb, M., A Poetry Teacher’s Toolkit  Books 1,2,3 and 4, 2002
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