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Jane Clarke - Children’s Author . . . Books Little Ellie has a scheme to keep the whole zoo clean.  But do the animals want to be clean? Gilbert, the great white shark, wakes up one morning to find that his friend Raymond the Remora is gone.  A story about loss that is funny and sad in equal parts, with a happy ending. Gilbert ignores his mother's warnings, and his game of hide-and-seek goes out of his depth! Having a baby brother is great fun right?  Gilbert finds out that a killer whale has other plans! Captain Cutlass the pirate has a secret - he needs to wear glasses.  And if his crew find out he thinks they'll make him walk the plank!  But what good is a pirate who can't read a treasure map? The Kingdom of Hairia is full of nits and Princess Primrose doesn't know what to do! David and Lucy get a new dog from the Rescue Centre, but they don't know what his name is.  What they do know is that he is an ace at digging, and he's got a nose for bone.  Especially dinosaur bones! Runny honey!  Yummy! Yummy!  But Bear isn't the only one who loves honey . . . Every night, when their daddies tuck them in, Little Knight dreams of fierce knight-eating dragons . . . and Little Dragon dreams of dangerous dragon-slaying knights.  But one stormy night they make an astonishing discovery. Royd thinks his friend Gark has everything - a really cool space pod, an amazing magician from Mars at his birthday party, and no annoying little sister . . . but can Royd keep his Green Eyed Monster under control? A collection to make you laugh, shudder and travel back through time and space. Little Chick is stuck in the mud and one-by-one  the farm animals come to his aid. Wilbur's tusk hurts, but he doesn't want to go to the dentist.  A visit to Grandpa persuades him that it just might be a good thing to do. Plodney isn't slow like the other sloths, but his teacher, Miss Snailspace, thinks he's super.  One day Plodney Creeper, 'supersloth', shows the world what he can do.
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Stanley the stork is upset when his parents split up and his father goes to live in a separate nest. Dare you visit Creaky Castle when the day becomes the night? Dare you find out what's inside? Are you ready for a fright? An adventurous story of friendship and first school days. Jane’s Reading Scheme Books Join in the dino-tastic dancing competition that's Strictly for the 'Saurs! It's early morning in the jungle, and little gorilla is not happy.  Someone has woken him up, but whoever could it be? Tired little lion doesn't want to go to bed . . . how will he ever get to sleep? Cheeky little monkey want something to eat . . . how will she fill her rumbly tummy? Little Croc's been crunching, snip, snap, SNIP!  How will she clean her teeth? Willow has collapsed during the dress rehearsal  of the talent show.  Peanut needs to check the vaccine records before Dr KittyCat can give the best treatment. Dirty little dinosaur doesn't want to wash . . . how will he be clean in time for bed? Posy the puppy has hurt her leg.  Will Dr KittyCat and her assistant Peanut the mouse be able to help Posy in time for the Paws and Prizes sports day? Home Poetry School Visits Contact Jane About Jane Ghost Writing Leon the chameleon is always neon.  He longs for a place to call home.  Where will he find the perfect match? Old MacDonald had a farm, and he loved things that go! What happens when a snake eats and eats and eats?  Lift the flaps and find out! Granny's gone missing, and the Big Bad Wolf could be involved.  Little Red Riding Hood calls Sky Private Eye for help! Dippy's classmate Spike invites him to a sleepover.  They can stay up late, eat popcorn and watch a scary movie.  But Dippy is worried about wetting the bed. Can Sky Private Eye uncover the clues fast enough to rescue the Gingerbread Boy? While on the camping trip itchy spots appear on Clover's paws.  Dr KittyCat and Peanut have to act quickly to make the poorly bunny better. Why does Nutmeg feel dizzy and unwell at her birthday picnic?  Can Dr. KittyCat help her have a happy birthday?  Dr KittyCat and Peanut are called to the Cupcake Bake.  Can they help put a smile back on Daisy's furry face? It's stargazing night, and Pumpkin is in trouble.    Dr. KittyCat has to investigate.