Birthplace:  Kettering, England  Sons: Andrew and Robert  Grand Kids:  Angelina, Samantha and Elowyn  Best hobby: Collecting fossils, especially sharks teeth.  Favourite book: The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame  Favourite drink: A mug of hot tea with milk but no sugar, please.  Favourite food: Chocolate, but not too much or I feel sick.  What I wanted to be when I was 8: an acrobat or an explorer. When I was at school, I didnít like writing.  What I got to be: An achaeologist (Cardiff,Wales) A history teacher (at Bryn Hafren School, Barry, Wales) A library assistant (at Antwerp International School, Belgium).  What I am now: A full-time childrenís writer, which is the best job yet!         Link opens in a new window.
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