Chewy Hughie chews anything and everything he can get his paws on, driving his owners to distraction.  But what happens when Chewy discovers a packet of bubblegum?
Reading Scheme Books
Band 1A Reading Scheme Book - "Sid is sad.  Dad is in a pit." Band 2A Reading Scheme Book - "The duck pond is a mess.  Plip and Plop did it." Band 4 Reading Scheme Book - "Mole was looking for a new home.  Who would share a hole with him?" Stage 7 Reading Scheme Book - "Erika the Red changes her clothes - and her name." Dunkan Dabble won't answer to his name as he believes he's Batbird, a superhero that he and his friends can watch on TV.  How will his family and friends deal with his rough play and sleeping upside down? One of the presents causes trouble on Prince Albert's birthday.  Queen Victoria is not amused! Zebra is thirsty, but at the water hole something's waiting to pounce! Back to Jane’s Books page
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